The Story Behind

Worldwide, companies are striving to ensure their environmental compliance. This task requires ultimate efforts in monitoring their day-to-day environmental performance. To streamline this complex process for business, we have developed a sophisticated Emission Tracking System. The solution was provided for our long-term partner Enviance, the world leader in cloud-based Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) technologies.

The Mission Assigned

Enviance approached us and requested to develop a comprehensive system, which would significantly simplify all processes regarding emissions tracking. The key requirement of any enterprise in this sphere is – a universal and easy-to-use method – to gather and utilise all emissions data. Our task was to create a multifunctional software, so companies could track and record emissions, make reports, automate workflow, manage numerous tasks and documents within a single system.

The Challenges Met

Developing such a sophisticated emissions tracking system, emerged to be quite challenging.

Due to tool’s complexity and multitasking, it could become really difficult for ultimate users to operate the system. So, we had to develop numerous applications, both web and mobile, to make use of the system as comfortable as possible.  

Our customer intended to apply the developed system in different aspects of environmental performance, such as air compliance, water compliance, greenhouse gas, environmental permit management, waste management, etc. Our target was to develop a solution with possibility of easy adjustment to any user’s need.

The Solution Provided

Our team has succeeded to develop an advanced system with a number of all possible features needed for emissions tracking management.

Our biggest source of pride is an easy configuration of the system. Any enterprise will have no trouble to use it either in air compliance, or in environmental permit management. We provided this opportunity by virtue of complex calculation module, which was created by our specialists within development process.

To streamline the use of such complicated system for ultimate users, we have developed along with the main application, a number of custom apps. Customizable nature of such apps allow clients to extract from the general system particular data and work with it within this app (e.g., to monitor and measure water pollution in a specific region).

Added Values Delivered

Working on such a long-term and capacious project, we have been continually trying to improve and enhance the system.

Thus, striving to meet demands of the growing customer base, we have managed to localize the application. Originally supporting just English language, the system became scalable enough to support various languages, including Russian and Chinese.

Taking care not only of environmental compliance, but also health and safety of people, Enviance has engaged us into the development of an ergonomic application. Our app can even define how tired the person (user) is by measuring the pressing force used simply to press a clavier key.  

Results Achieved

Our Emission Tracking System has already proved its efficiency and benefit in the market. Hereafter are a few interesting facts about it:

  • The developed product is #1 in the world in its niche
  • Ultimate users of the system are industrial giants like Chevron, Walmart, DuPont, Syngenta, AEP
  • Half of the Top 10 Fortune 100 companies use Enviance’s products to improve their environmental performance
  • Softengi runs multiple projects with Enviance for more than 17 years


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