Acquainting With Customer

Your business tool should grow along with your business.

Softengi has proved this business formula itself, when an Australian company turned to us for assistance in the development of a new website capable to meet its growing business demands. The company was specializing in offering insurance to the timber pest management and building inspection industries. The customer needed to improve an efficiency and performance of its main system in order to remain competitive and distinguishable in the market.

Meeting Requirements

An Australian company has an online system allowing any company and any person to book inspections anywhere in Australia. Via new website launching, the customer wanted to solve the following problems:

  • to apply a new website CMS;
  • to make navigating through their online booking system more easy and friendly for users;
  • to provide clients with an opportunity to find an appropriate inspector via the booking system any time and on any available device;
  • to transfer an enormous database with profiles of all listed inspection companies to a new system.

Taking the Challenge

A key task for our team was not the website development itself, but a huge data import implementation. Also it emerged to be a key challenge within the whole new website launching process. The service had in its back-end a numerous database of all inspectors and inspection companies, offering their services to estate agents, property managers and general public. All information stored there had to be imported to a new system, preserving its security and cohesiveness.

New Website Launching Softengi

Facing Some Risks With New Website Launching

While accomplishing data migration, Softengi has faced a number of risks:

  • The migrated data had to be kept under special conditions otherwise it would fail to satisfy the law requirements
  • Part of the information could be lost during delivering to the new source
  • Injected data could provoke stability of the system performance (e.g. due to its wrong structure)
  • The transported data had to preserve its original meaning. Due to different settings of two applications, data format, currency name, or any other unit could become improperly changed.

Providing a Solution

Our team succeeded in implementing a logically correct database import, omitting any possible inaccuracies or errors:

  • only the last updates of company’s location, services provided or other relevant data from the profile were transferred to the new source;
  • information about companies previously closed or deactivated didn’t migrate to the new system;

Taking Care of Everyone

Website visitors looking for vendors

Inspectors and inspection companies listed on the website

Australian company administration running the system


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