AI in Testing

Use Artificial Intelligence in software testing and save your time and any other constrained resources.

How does it work? AI in IT is a broad topic but we are going to speak about QA. One thing you must understand is that AI is so much better in determining repetitive patterns than QAs that it’s impossible to compare them. But it’s just the first step in your journey of AI in QA applications. Then via combining machine learning with analytics, you are able to find out such patterns, accomplish automation and consequently raise the efficiency of your testing.

You can leverage AI in the following areas of software testing:

  • Application testing.

Build test suites via generating behavioral patterns by geography, devices and demographics.

  • Social media.

Build trends by demographics via analyzing data from social media.

  • Defect analysis.

Make intelligent decisions about test suite optimization via mining defects and defining areas most apt to defects.

  • Efficiency analysis.

Streamline decision making process on when to start testing via mining test management tool data.

AI in IT Service Management

The concept of applying Artificial Intelligence in IT service management is quite simple: companies automate their services delivery and thus produce a lot of data; AI, in its turn, helps to harness those data via analyzing it and thus to make more effective solutions.

Today machine learning can provide IT companies with a self-resolving service desk, capable to analyze the input data and propose the user proper solutions. You are able to track user behaviour, make suggestions and consequently provide self-help options to make a service management solution. In this case, AI ultimately gives users a better experience through improved self-service.

Predictive capabilities of AI allow not just to analyse a request submitted to service desk, but also to find out common ones, compare new requests with previously resolved, and based on the experience to get instant understanding, which solution to opt.

Artificial Intelligence also will assist IT teams to save their time and begin to work more strategically. Via tracking user behaviour and making suggestions, it will result in solution making processes more autonomous and thus create more time for strategic tasks accomplishment.

AI in Automation

There is a rising trend in IT, when computers run and manage software systems more often than humans. AI also automates programming. And it’s not only about understanding or executing codes. Machine learning can understand the intentions behind codes and the difference between good codes and bad codes. Also, it’s able to take appropriate steps to fix buggy code. All of these will be available in the nearest future!

Artificial Intelligence will also automate the process of running and managing our networks. It can understand the patterns, created with our network fingerprints while using it. Via improving automation with AI, we improve application of AI in other niches. AI assists in running and managing computers and thus contributes to all other forms of computation.

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