Nowadays Blockchain is one of the most fast-growing technology in data protection and data storage fields.

  • Hyperledger fabric
  • Ethereum Platform
  • Blockchain as a Service
  • (AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle)

Benefits of using Blockchain:

Blockchain is now called one of the most versatile technologies for working with data. And there a number of good arguments that

  • Now blockchain is officially the most dependable way to interact with information. Blockchain has revolutionized the protection of information, because today the data  can be stored on the server distributed between many computers. This capacity helps prevent fraud and any unauthorized activity.
  • The core of this technology does not permit to change even a small piece of data retroactively. Blockchain is built on the distributed type of the network. Transparency of business is guaranteed by blockchain. Openness in business extraordinarily attracts partners.
  • Blockchain technology is able to optimize and automate any time-consuming process of transferring and analyzing data, transactions can be performed faster and more efficiently.
  • Working with Blockchain you do not need to involve, and therefore pay, a third party to check the reliability of the transaction. After all, there will be only one version of the documentation.

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