What Is UBCrypto.Mobile?

Our team took part in redesign of crypto mobile application UBCrypto.Mobile, which was developed by Sl Global Service, the member of Intecracy Group. It is an autonomous solution providing high-level security of corporate communications, containing Company Confidential. Due to UBCrypto.Mobile, you receive a full cycle of guaranteed protection and privacy.

How Does UBCrypto Work?

The process of crypto call is the same as ordinary mobile call.  You just start UBCrypto.Mobile app by simply touching UBCrypto.Mobile icon and selecting needed contact. UBCrypto.Mobile will set up fully encrypted call.

UBCrypto Softengi

The proposed system uses crypto-resistant encryption algorithms with hardware keys (real random session keys for symmetric AES-256 traffic encryption and with the lifetime ONLY for the duration of a communication session). The architectural features of the system, the use of crypto-stable algorithms  lead to the protection of information to a qualitatively new level in comparison with existing analogues at all stages of preparing and implementing a cryptographically protected communication session (voice communication, text messages up to 1024 symbols via open Internet channels). In addition to significantly enhanced information security, the system works well even with “bad” quality of Internet traffic and provides smoothing of its fluctuations (for voice transmission, a channel with a transmission speed of not more than 2 Kbytes / s is required), which allows obtaining good voice quality if channels are “bad”.

What Are Key Advantages of UBCrypto.Mobile?

  • Complete privacy and anonymity.
  • Secure services anywhere and anytime.
  • Full cycle protection.
  • End-to-end encryption
  • User-friendly Android based Mobile Application.

What tasks did we get?
Our designers had to develop unique and easy to use UBCrypto.Mobile design. The system interface had to become efficient enough to be used by numerous clients and respond to specific security requirements.

UBCrypto Softengi

What Challenges Did Our designers Face?

Our project team had to meet and overcome a number of substantial challenges:

  • To build an easy-to-use design for a complex system.
  • To arrange effective cooperation with the team of developers for the purpose of corresponding design implementation in the phase of system development.
  • To create an adaptive design, so all icons would be properly displayed on the mobile interface, tablet, etc.


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