Computer Vision

Computer vision analyzes and interprets what’s in a picture or video. AI solutions use Computer Vision to accelerate intellectual automation with simple tools for image processing, image recognition and object detection.


The most substantial advantages of implementation Computer Vision for your business

Reliability of data

People are not perfect. They can be wrong and inattentive. Machines do not have such properties. All data is completely accurate.

Self-learning system

Through the use of AI, computer vision can increase the effectiveness of its work in processing more information.

Wide range of use

The technological properties of Computer Vision allow using this technology in various fields of life and business.

Some additional perks of using Computer Vision:

1.Indispensable technology for manufacturing

Manufacturing is the most profitable field for the application of Computer Vision. Even a small pause on production costs a lot of money for the company. Computer Vision Technology can detect future damage in advance by collecting images and analyzing them in the cloud prevent failures in advance.

Furthermore, Computer Vision and AI can be used to improve the health and safety of workers on objects of manufacturing. In particular, it concerns to hazardous industries such as the mining industry, oil industry, chemical industry, energy industry etc. By aid of a large number of real-time cameras and Computer Vision Technology, it is possible to track the movement of people and rely on deep learning to predict and avoid dangerous situations for workers.

2. Сonfidence in the results

Computer Vision is the technology of creating machines that can detect, track and classify varied objects. As we know the machines can not get tired, can not be inattentive because they did not get enough sleep. Thus, the human factor is completely excluded, which often was a reason of many mistakes and even catastrophes.

3. Wide range of use

Computer Vision Technology can be used in almost all areas of manufacturing and service. Starting from the huge factories, mines and wells for the extraction of minerals, the automotive industry, conveyor production, through logistics companies, high-tech medical research to service in banks and stores. The same technology can be applied for various actions in a company. After all, the core of the Computer Vision system is the information processing. Thanks to deep learning, all the obtained data can be classified according to hundreds of criteria, it can be quality control, monitoring, object counting etc.

4. Finding the product with one touch

Computer Vision Applications are just starting to enter people’s lives. With the development and improvement of the interaction of Computer Vision Technology and Artificial Intelligence, the purchase of the product which customer likes will be possible with one touch to device. It will be enough just to point the camera at the objects and Computer Vision Technology consider this information, process the data and give you all the available information and even a direct link to purchase this product in the online store. One of the first the most successful such Computer Vision Projects was the Lens from Pinterest. People do more than 600 million visual searches every month across Lens. This is a result of only one year.


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