Augmented Analytics - from Decision Support to Decision Making |

Augmented Analytics – from Decision Support to Decision Making

Augmented Analytics is one of the most promising Gartner’s trends of working with data. Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing today it is possible to improve data preparation, insights generation, and their explanation. We have clients who have successfully implemented augmented analytics in their businesses and achieved outstanding results.
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Denis Bedun
Delivery Director
Denis has been managing multiple Augmented Analytics projects and can explain what benefits can companies achieve using this technology.

    During the workshop, you'll learn about
    • Why experts say that augmented analytics is the future of analytics
    • How augmented analytics is implemented at the back, middle, and front office levels in different business sectors.
    • Real use cases with which augmented analytics can help
    You'll understand
    • The roadmap of the augmented analytics implementation in your business
    • Typical problems companies face when using augmented analytics tools
    • How augmented analytics can be used for your business