Five Roles Augmented Reality Can Fill For Retail |
O2 JULY 2020 – 11 AM - 11.40 AM ET

Five Roles Augmented Reality Can Fill For Retail

Nike, IKEA, L’Oreal, BMW, BIC, Zara. These are just some of the brands that use augmented reality in marketing. More and more companies are ready to experiment with AR to reach more customers, offer more personalized services, and let their shoppers preview what they are buying.
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Olga Teslenko
Chief Marketing Officer
Olga has been consulting companies on the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality in marketing for more than 5 years.

During the workshop, you'll learn about
  • What is try-before-you-buy and how retailers can use it to reduce the risks of product returns with it
  • How AR can be used for branding & storytelling 
  • How AR apps make remote sales 40% more effective 
  • Why should shopping malls use AR indoor navigation
You'll understand
  • The benefits of AR apps development for your company
  • Typical problems in sales& marketing AR can solve
  • How AR can affect your brand