AI in Pharma and Healthcare: Better Accuracy - Lower Workload |
30 JULY 2020 – 11 AM - 11.40 AM ET

AI in Pharma and Healthcare: Better Accuracy – Lower Workload

Pharma and healthcare institutions are exploring the possibilities of AI with curiosity. Yet many western companies are already implementing AI software in their operational activities.
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Oleksandra Karpova
Machine Learning Engineer
Oleksandra has been working in numerous healthcare & pharma projects as a machine learning engineer.

During the workshop, you'll learn about
  • How computer vision and machine learning can improve the level of accuracy in medical image analysis
  • How healthcare institutions can reduce the workload of their employees delegating medical image analysis to AI ( MRI scans, images of Petri dishes, etc.).
  • How AI is revolutionizing pharma solving the issue of drugs counterfeit. 
You'll understand
  • What accuracy you might expect from the computer vision & machine learning software
  • Typical problems in the process of AI project for pharma and healthcare( and the ways of avoiding them)
  • How AI can be used for your company