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The energy and utility sector embraces innovative technologies among the first because this industry sees instant results. Technologies, such as AI/XR/IoT help to improve multiple processes within the energy and utility sector.

Gamification App Development

Enterprise App Development

Gamification is a  concept envisaging application of gaming techniques in non-game ...

Web-based Application Development

Enterprise App Development

Over recent years, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Due ...

Mobile Application Development

Enterprise App Development

According Statista, by 2021, there will be about 7 billion mobile users worldwide ...

IoT App Development

Internet of Things

Internet of Things,  abbreviated as IoT, is a network of interrelated objects, ...

Video Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

We live in an era of big data when analytics has become an essential element ...

Extended Reality (XR)

Expanded Reality

Extended Reality (XR) is a relatively new term. Expanded Reality combines concepts ...

Optical Character Recognition

Artificial Intelligence

Optical Character Recognition service is a revolutionary tool as it allows defining ...

3D Modelling

Expanded Reality

3D modelling is a technique for producing a 3D digital representation of any object ...

Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision analyzes and interprets what’s in a picture or video. AI solutions ...

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Increasing customer loyalty through sustainable energy solutions that become real thanks to the renewable energy industry and smart metering.


Increasing productivity by up to 17% by using smart metering sensors.


Control and regulation over all the processes with the help of energy management software, on-line analytics with the help of IoT sensors.

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We provide you with powerful evidence of our experience in transforming businesses, in particular in the Utilities and Energy sector.

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