AI in Healthcare Industry


The amount of the data accumulated in the sphere of healthcare means that Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Chatbots ( all the subterms of Artificial Intelligence). The most common applications of AI in healthcare are diagnosis and treatment recommendations, optimization of the administrative activities as well as patient engagement enhancement. 

Computer Software for Medical Image Analysis allows extracting the information out tons of visual data in medicine: MRIs, CTs, PETs and get valuable insights out of it. 

Biometrics Technology applications include fingerprint recognition, retina scans, facial recognition, voice recognition, DNA analysis. Biometrics technology is applicable to both security and healthcare.

Data Science for Medical data analysis. The healthcare industry accumulates enormous amounts of data: clinical research data, data from wearables, patient-generated health data (PGHD) can be the key part of continuous care delivery, especially for chronic disease management.


AI in Healthcare Industry PROJECTS

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