Legacy System Modernization

Legacy system modernization is a necessity for every company. DevOps, AI analytics, mobile apps, cloud storage for legacy systems are among the most popular trends in legacy software modernization.

Legacy System Modernization Softengi

Legacy System Modernization

Cloud Storage

Using cloud services, such as AWS or Azure will gurantee the security of your application after the transformation.

Modern UI/UX

Many legacy systems are anti user-friendly and impossible to use. Updating UI/UX can be a solution to the problem of legacy system modernization.


DevOps for legacy system modernization is the possibility to save many and speed up processes.

The majority of legacy systems in the enterprise or public sector were created decades ago, and their maintenance today can cost a fortune to a business.

Apart from the fact that they were often written in the antique programming languages and it is utterly difficult to find someone who knows COBALT, legacy systems have numerous bugs and fail to produce the required results often.

Legacy system modernization, thus, is more than just a whim, it’s a financial investment into the company’s sustainability. When facing the legacy system modernization, there are several options: rehost, rebuild, and replatform. At Softengi we’ve learned how to use all three approaches to make the legacy system modernization seamless. 

Rehosting the legacy system means updating some features and functions or redeploying the system’s elements to another infrastructure. Today it’s most effective to use cloud storage for this purpose as it guarantees security and efficiency of the hosting. We use AWS, Azure, Google cloud services to provide our clients with the most relevant and custom cloud service.

Replatforming means changing the code minimally in order to preserve the structure of the code in order to make the migration of one of the elements of the application. 

Rebuilding is the most complex and long-term approach for legacy system modernization. It presupposes rewriting the code of the application from scratch while preserving the purpose and the specifications of this application. 

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