Working with numerous clients, we’ve figured out that dynamic interaction with the system and the possibility of fast and seamless integration are the top priorities for many companies that look for the multifunctional content management software.

Fast and effective information flow is the main goal of the introduction of ECM + WCM Solution.

Enterprise Content Management is the systematic collection and classification of information that should be used by the target audience — business leaders, customers, and so on.

Web Content Management is a software content management system (CMS) specifically for web content. WCM is a foundational technology for every digital business.

Our Solution is particularly effective for the governmental sector as it also allows updating the data non-stop for the demonstration of these updates to numerous users all over the world. Therefore optimizing content management for better performance increases the speed of information processing.

Our solution is implemented using a dynamic object-oriented language JavaScript. Thus our Solution has two access levels, an Administrator Access, with the ability to easily extend ECM + WCM Solution for your special needs using the hugest modules library which is provided by Node.js community, and a simple functional User Access.

Moreover, Solution provides security and speed in working with content both within the business and with external clients.

ECM + WCM Softengi


The main benefits of Solution from Softengi.

Seamless integration

The system can integrate with multiple enterprise subsystems, despite the diversity of these systems.

Fully customizable

The set of templates gives a possibility to create a unique сustom system for any needs.

Plugins and add-ons

The countless number of free plugins and add-ons from the largest open source community Node.js.

The main benefits of ECM + WCM from Softengi:

  • Risk management and information governance: ensure a high level of compliance with business security policies.

  • Friendly User Access editor: allows creating the design most applicable for any need of the business.

  • Advanced features: a possibility to add free add-ons from the largest open source community Node.js.

  • There is a possibility to integrate a Secure Survey tool which will have data stored only on your servers for security reasons.

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