Design for Digital Transformation

  • There are many aspects that put together any project puzzle. However, when it comes to design, even its smallest details can alter an end user’s perception of the product developed and potentially determine the project’s success or failure. Therefore, the design, its efficiency, and usability are top priorities.
  • Design connects people with technology. A powerful design bridges the distance between the customer and the digital product. Therefore, design is a user-focused multi-disciplinary field aimed at enabling users to achieve all their objectives while using the product.
  • The right design is a huge advantage on a highly competitive tech market Therefore, in pursuing digitalization and digital transformation any business, large or small, cannot do without a good design of its product which conforms to both user needs and the company’s business and marketing goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • THE DESIGN TEAM. Our designers are highly qualified, have extensive experience, and follow the latest trends in the design to bring our clients’ most creative and boldest ideas to life.
  • DESIGN PORTFOLIO. Our design team has a rich portfolio of 100+ accomplished design projects ranging from small to large and involving outstanding UI and UX design, graphic design, web design, prototyping, branding, strategy consulting, etc.
  • ANALYTICS. From the very outset of any project, our design team leverages analytics, market studies, and user research. In fact, analytics permeates the whole design process and powers it allowing us to create the right design for the right people. We are confident that to invent powerful and eye-catching software one needs to understand who it is intended for and what it should do.
  • INTEGRITY. We do not just make your software, be it a website or business applicationlook trendy and vibrant. We also guarantee it is intuitive, ergonomic, and pleasant to use, so it enables your customers to easily achieve their objectives, meets their expectations and even exceeds them.

Design Services We Provide

UX Research

  • Market, product, and target audience analysis.
  • Current product/design analysis (if available).
  • Creating user-stories, user behavior model analysis.

Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Low-fidelity/high fidelity prototyping.
  • Creating clickable/static prototypes for internal testing and demonstrating UX and interface to the customer.

Usability Testing

  • Testing the design and solutions on target users.
  • Problem detection and rectification.

User Interface Design

  • Creating a unique interface and icons, and selecting color palette.
  • Creating UI kits, designing components, and fine line detailing of all elements.

3D Development

  • Creation high-poly/low-poly 3D models
  • 3D Modeling for Games, presentations, catalogs
  • 3D Modeling Services For 3D Printing
  • 3D Walkthroughs
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Product Modeling
  • 3D service for Advertising and Marketing
  • 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, retopology, compositing

Interaction Design

  • Designing interaction between interface elements (animation, transitions, micro/macro interactions, visual interface response).

Product Design

  • Strategic activities (from idea generation to product commercialization).

Design for Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android)

  • Creating designs for mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, wearables) taking into account the guidelines and specifications of operating systems.

Web Design

  • Designing web services, websites, etc.
  • Adaptive design. Web service design transformation to fit mobile operating systems (Native, Hybrid Development).

Branding. Identity Development

  • Creating logos, corporate identity, selection of color palettes and fonts.
  • Brand book creation.

Strategy Consulting

  • Provision of consultations on design at any stage of product development.

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