Why and when do you need Architecture & Code Review?

Your team is working on a new software solution. Development process goes on schedule, but few alarming questions start occurring to you:

  • Will the application architecture support the performance you need?
  • What if there are some logic errors in the code?
  • Have your team implemented all requirements in the case?
  • Is the architecture scalable enough to meet the future needs? And the list can go on…

You need to conduct architecture and code review all the time, you want to be assured your architecture is reliable, modifiable and will not hinder perfect performance of the application. Want to receive recommendations as to which changes should be done to improve your architecture? The answer lies in the Architecture & Code Review!

What do we offer under Architecture & Code Review?

Our experts in Architecture solutions and Development & Performance analysis will review your application architecture and design. We will uncover any performance bottlenecks. A specialised team will go through the developed code, looking for vulnerabilities and security flaws in the developed software.

  • Our developers and architects execute an intense Source Code Review to identify its weaknesses and inefficiencies. We strive to provide you with an expert opinion as for overall code quality and amendments needed to be done.
  • We do Systems Audit Review to evaluate the necessity of your information technology systems enhancement. Our goal is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT infrastructure.
  • Softengi team accomplishes SQL Audit to ensure, that your database is secure from outside hacking attacks. Protection of your customer data and organizational information will prevent catastrophic consequences of possible system security breach.
  • We do User Experience Audit to evaluate functionality and usability of your application design. User friendly design is among one of the most vital things providing effective performance of your application.

How will you benefit from the Architecture & Code Review?

Applying Architecture & Code Review within your development lifecycle will assure you substantial advantage – to save money and get more profit.

And here is why:

  • When you review your architecture, you are able to unveil signs of performance problems at the earlier stages of the development process. It will be more beneficial and less costly to fix them at this stage, rather than at the end of the development lifecycle.
  • With an Architecture Review you are able to detect design problems early und thus reduce the overall project cost. Qualitative design of your application promotes its higher attractiveness to the users.
  • Via reviewing your architecture and code you are also able to uncover problems and conflicts in the requirements. As a result, you can negotiate conflicting requirements with the stakeholders and thus speed up the whole development procedure.

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