What’s the main value of digital transformation?

Companies that have managed to embrace digital transformation do not only receive competitive advantage, they also invest in the adoption of the global cultural change. After all, digital transformation is more than the substitution of the archaic processes and workflows, it is the acceleration of human progress. Let’s start with your business!

What do we offer?


  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Audit of information systems
  • Audit of information systems security
  • Technology processes audit


  • Сreation of the model of the current processes
  • Analysis of the business processes efficiency


  • Development of the strategic goals model
  • Creation of IT business development strategy
  • Digital transformation of large industrial groups


  • IT projects strategy and management

The Digital era disrupts industries violently, forcing improvement and development of yesterday’s conservative considerations. Yet businesses reap tangible results

Here are 3 cases of effective digital transformation of companies from different business sectors.

Softengi helped a large transnational company to simplify its corporate voting process

Our client ( a large public joint-stock company) asked Softengi for assistance in resolving a crucial problem. Due to its rapid growth and presence in different countries, gathering all shareholders and board members for cumulative voting in the common boardroom has become a challenge.

Softengi’s team has recommended the customer to leverage high technologies to streamline the voting process. The solution was simple and easy to use – to apply a cloud-based application permitting remote voting. Pursuing this purpose, Softengi has developed and implemented a Corporate Voting System (CVS).

Using this app, shareholders got an opportunity to vote from any device and at any place. CVS simplified distribution of the proposed resolutions and speeded up the process and logistics of document signing, supporting DocuSign technology by 14%. Moreover, CVS became an added value for company management too. Owing to its customizable structure, it allowed increasing the number of shareholders and members who vote. It also could be easily adapted to the requirements of any other organization.

Softengi disrupted the environmental sphere with Emission Tracking Solution for Enviance

Worldwide, companies are seeking to ensure their environmental compliance via taking control over their day-to-day environmental performance. Accomplishing this task without digital technologies and automatized systems has proved to be very time-consuming, costly and poorly performing.

Facing arising challenges of environmental compliance, Softengi has begun its long-term cooperation with Enviance, the world leader in cloud-based Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) technologies. For its purposes, the Softengi team has designed and developed a sophisticated system for standardized emissions tracking and reporting. Softengi’s solution consisted of a number of both web and mobile applications and has appeared to be #1 in the world in its niche.

Ultimate users of the emission tracking system became such industrial giants like Chevron, DuPont, Walmart, Syngenta, AEP. The solution has effectively assisted them in workflow automating, task and document managing, and also data exchanging with other resources.

Softengi completely automated main business processes in the Ukrainian civil aviation

Recently, business processes and services of the Ukrainian civil aviation became a subject of the comprehensive digital analysis and transformation. The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine was looking for a solution to make the performance of its numerous procedures, such as aircraft certification and registration, licensing, issuing of authorization, audits, and monitoring, simpler, quicker, and more flexible.

As a problem resolution, Softengi has built a system automatizing all of the above-mentioned processes and managing electronic document flow. MEGAPOLIS.AVIA, Softengi software product, assured compliance of the new business solution with the internationally adopted ICAO and EASA standards, which are crucial for the industry.

As a result, the developed system completely automated all business processes in the industry. It allowed to certificate airworthiness for an aircraft within the minimised time limit, to issue an authorisation for flight operation without delay, to approve regular flight schedule out of hand, to conduct operator audits in great detail, etc.

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