Blockchain: Disadvantages and Advantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain?

  • Blockchain is built on the distributed type of network. And the core of this technology does not permit to change even the smallest piece of data retroactively. Therefore, implementing blockchain solutions provides transparency of business in any industry. Having completed a number of successful blockchain projects, we can definitely vote for this technology.
  • Blockchain technology is able to optimize and automate any time-consuming processes of data transfer and analysis. Legal & finance business sectors start using blockchain-powered smart contracts, while logistics companies can ensure smooth delivery with the help of blockchain. Thus, many transactions can be performed faster and more efficiently.
  • Working with blockchain you do not need to involve in the processes, and therefore pay a third party to check the reliability of the transactions. After all, there will be only one version of the documentation in the end!
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Blockchain Development Services

As a leading blockchain development company included in the list of top 50 blockchain developers by Mobile App Daily we offer the services that can satisfy the needs of our clients:

  • THE SOFTWARE ENGINEERING TEAM. Our architects and software developers are real enthusiasts. They are, first of all, real evangelists of blockchain technology. And second, they are experts in what they are doing with deep knowledge of blockchain development solutions.

  • BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING. With the business analysis delivery unit and serious experience in blockchain development, we can consult on how blockchain will optimize the work of your organization.

  • SMART CONTRACTS DEVELOPMENT. We believe in the technology that can revolutionize business relationships because all the information about the agreement is stored in the blockchain and no changes can be made retroactively. Therefore, Hyperldger Fabric & Ethereum smart contract can be beneficial for all businesses.

  • TOKENIZATION OF ASSETS. Asset tokenization is one of the hot topics in the crypto industry which is already disrupting the financial business sector. This term refers to the process of issuing digital tokens as evidence of rights to a real asset. The objects of tokenization can be very different: real estate, securities, works of art, etc. In a broad sense, an individual’s asset is also his money, professional skills, time, and even social connections. All this can be digitized – that is, tokenized.

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