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Softengi's expertise consists of a unique package of Solutions aimed at the safety of workers at the construction site - computer vision technology, VR education with accident scenarios etc.

Device Management

Internet of Things

Device management refers to the whole process of hardware and software support of ...

Edge Computing

Internet of Things

An alternative to cloud based storage is edge computing, which allows IoT apps to ...

IoT Dashboards and Analytics

Internet of Things

IoT Dashboards with embedded analytics is a new way to analyze data and then ...

IoT App Development

Internet of Things

Internet of Things,  abbreviated as IoT, is a network of interrelated objects, ...

Cloud IoT Platform Integration

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) applications mostly involves a significant number of ...

IoT Hardware Prototyping

Internet of Things

IoT hardware is at the heart of every connected project. Developing efficient ...

Our Projects

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Augmented, virtual and mixed reality has enormous potential for the construction industry. Visualization of the objects to-be-built is just one of them.


We know how to transform any environment into a smart space using the Internet of Things.


Internet of Things solutions and risk management software can reduce risks at construction up to 14%.

Why us?

We provide you with powerful evidence of our experience in transforming businesses, in particular in Real Estate Industry & Construction sector.

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