Our Expertise

Softengi's expertise consists of a unique package of Fintech development solutions aimed at all areas of business automation: an ECM system, digital banking, personal banking software etc.

Enterprise App Integration

Enterprise App Development

Integration of enterprise apps allows companies to manage more than one application ...

Gamification App Development

Enterprise App Development

Gamification is a  concept envisaging application of gaming techniques in non-game ...

Web-based Application Development

Enterprise App Development

Over recent years, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Due ...

Cloud Orchestration


Cloud computing is a growing phenomenon impacting individuals as well as companies. ...

Cloud App Development


The most efficient and successful apps have cloud warehousing at their core. Once ...

Our Projects



Seamless integration with existing business process automation systems because of using AI in finance.


Blockchain in banking gives a possibility to create a unique сustom system for any needs with reliable security protocol.


Analyze data to improve forecast accuracy and a deep understanding of the data with the help of financial software solutions.

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We provide you with powerful evidence of our experience in transforming businesses, in particular in the Financial Services.

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