Enterprise Content Management System Solution with Web Portals

Working with numerous enterprise clients, we’ve figured out that dynamic interaction with the system and the possibility of the fast and seamless integration are the top priorities for many companies that look for the multifunctional enterprise content management software.

Fast and effective information flow is the main goal of the introduction of ECM, and our solution allows reaching this goal easily.
Our enterprise content management solution is particularly effective for the governmental sector as it also allows updating the data non-stop for the demonstration of these updates to numerous users all over the world.


The main benefits of this ECM solution from Softengi

Fully customizable

The set of text blocks, templates, schemes, pages from the lists it’s possible to create a unique сustom system for any enterprise needs.

Public Access via web portals

Numerous users can interact with the separate subportals, exchanging their information freely.

Seamless integration

The system can integrate with multiple enterprise subsystems, despite the diversity of these systems.

The main benefits of this ECM solution from Softengi

  • Intended to work with enterprise-level databases which means the possibility to work with enormous amounts of data and users.

  • User-friendly graphics editor which allows creating the design most applicable for the needs of the enterprise

  • Security, risk management & information governance: Security controls allows restricting the access to the sensitive information and ensuring a high level of compliance with the enterprise policies. There is a possibility to integrate a survey tool which will have data stored only on your servers for security reason.

  • Mobile access. As the majority of our clients will prefer to see this app on their mobile device, we made it mobile-friendly adding additional mobile browser access to the portal.

  • Cloud based.  ECM system is the real chance to arrange the document flow more effectively. This system gives users a possibility to access all the enterprise documents, track them, and even collaborate on them remotely. integrating this system with the company’s system will expand the capabilities enormously.

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