UI/UX Designer


  •  3+ years ui/ux practice
  •  Mobile App Design (iOS and Android)
  • Material Design Guidelines
  • Human Interface Guidelines
  •  Human Centred Design
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • UX Research
  • Pixel Perfect

Design Tools:

  • Sketch App
  •  Principle / Flinto
  •  InVision
  •  Adobe CC
  •  Zeplin


  • HTML/CSS (basic)
  • JS (understending specifics)


  • Degree(s) in Digital Media Design, Human Computer Interaction, Fine Arts or related field.
  • Analytics skills
  • Good level of English.
  • Cognitive Sciences.


  •  Analyze current users and workflows, create products UX roadmap;
  • Wire-framing, lo-fi & hi-fi prototyping, and design creation for web, desktop, and mobile projects;
  • Design tasks completion within the deadline and according to the task description and technical constraints;
  • Creation User Interfaces, UI Kit;
  • Building customer profiles, functional prototyping, workflows;
  • UX acceptance testing.

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