Technical skills:

1. Soap
Understanding that this is a protocol for structured messaging that uses xml to encode requests / responses;
Using the tool to exchange xml requests.
2. Rest
What is a rest request?;
Standard http requests (get, post) in json format.
3. SQLl
Ability to use basic constructs: select, insert, update, delete.
4. Uml
Ability to build behavioral diagrams: activity, sequence;
understanding of structural diagrams: component, deployment.


Tools used on the project:
1. for management: Jira + Confluence;
2. for analysis:
soapUI tools for working with db: IntelliJ IDEA / SQL Developer / anyone with whom you have experience;
3. for modeling: from to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


1. Interaction with the business customer:
Identification of requirements;
Documentation approval.
2. Specification and requirements modeling:
preparing tasks for the development team;
interaction with the development team to verify / validate requirements
documentation preparation: user / admin guides for business customers, api specifications for integration.
3. Requirements life cycle management: prioritization / coordination / support.
4. Planning team work (formation of sprints, releases, meetings).

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