• Experience with commercial JavaScript development for more than 2 years;
  • Relevant experience with web and mobile applications development, cross-browser projects, responsive design;
  • High proficiency in HTML/CSS;
  • Strong JavaScript skills (including ES6/ES7);
  • Strong work experience with React.js and React Native;
  • Solid understanding of CSS tools and libraries (LESS, SCSS/SASS, Twitter Bootstrap);
  • Experience in development of large and/or complex client-side applications;
  • Experience with developing multilingual applications.


  • Good knowledge of the whole web stack (frontend, backend, database);
  • Proficiency in node.js;
  • Work experience with Angular;
  • Familiar with GIT;
  • Familiar with JIRA/Confluence.


  • Cross-platform client-side applications development using modern frameworks;
  • Сode and unit test applications using web technologies stack;
  • Backend API design, code review, integration testing, and creating technical documentation;
  • Develop test cases in conjunction with QA engineers;
  • Conduct product demo sessions with stakeholders.

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